The story

The wild and free?

Today, electric scooters roam freely in the landscape, are loaded by hungry voihunters and taken care of to be recharged and released back into the open.

A beautifully functioning natural cycle. Until the day someone chooses to break the chain or a scooter breaks down and can no longer be found by the hunters.

They return very slowly to nature and their broken bodies remain for several millennia, becoming artefacts for an archaeological future.

With this project we want to challenge our contemporaries to look past environmental degradation and see how today's materials can be resources tomorrow. How our impact on our environment on a geological level will survive long after our contemporary death and how the materials are returned to the earth. Long after the GPS transmitter and mobile coverage have stopped working, the electric scooters remain where they were left in inaccessible places or at the bottom of the canal, ready for someone to find them and give them a place in our time again.

Today, electric scooters are seen as a sign of abundance and distance us from our own world of environmental degradation, waste of resources and laziness. How can we turn our relationship to the phenomenon, the materials and our own time and see a waste today as a resource tomorrow?

With the project, we investigate how electric scooters can be seen as materials and how their inherent design can create inspiration for new objects. Built of ancient skeletons and artifacts.

Armed with design and crafts we explore the scooters as materials and continously ask us the question, why?