About Us


The collective Andra formen questions everything, no one goes free. Our process is material-driven and we always start from an existing material in a situation. The relationship between material, place and circumstance inspires us to see new possibilities.

We let others' bad decisions inspire us and take our starting point in mistakes when we start a new project. How could a material, a place or a phenomenon be made differently? Could it be done better?

At the same time as we are observers in our time, we want to actively change it and work where it is needed. Not to be moralizing but with a twinkle in the eye highlighting the problems we see and as we see them. We focus on working for a better society over our own gain.

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Christian Svensson

Christian is a craftsman (slöjdare), maker and cultural crafts teacher with at focus on sustainability and traditional design based in southern Sweden.

With his knowledge and understanding of the digital tools and his background in handicrafts he merges them into their craft of their own.

Through exploring, creating by hand and subjecting various materials to the test, he investigates traditional techniques in present times.

In the maker culture we learn from each other and the knowledge gets passed on from person to person, like traditionally it would in past times.  

Christian wants to create an understanding of handicraft techniques and materials, and give them a place in today’s society.

Website: slojdpaktikan.se

Instagram: @slojdprakltikan

Peder Nilsson

Peder Nilsson (f. 1995) is a product designer and painter based in Lund.

Objects showcased on exhibition at Lokstallarna:

Scooter chair prototype 1 Made out of parts from a total of seven electric scooters that were fished up out of the canals of Malmö.

Scooter chair prototype 2 Made out of three bolt baseplates and a steel structure

Website: https://pedernilsson.myportfolio.com/

Instagram: @nilsson_peder

Instagram: @mont.design.studio

Jingbei Zheng

Jingbei Zheng is an independent designer based in Sweden.

With an exploratory and experimental approach, she brings subtle consciousness and soft emotions to the process of designing objects from raw materials, combining with philosophic and poetic concepts.

Jingbei's work explores possibilities of applying traditions into contemporary context, with habitual and sensory connectivity to the rooted memory and experience of both Oriental and Nordic culture backgrounds. It is the embodiment of her observation and perception on nature, materials, culture and life.

Website: jingbeizheng.com

Instagram: @jingbeizheng

Oskar Olsson

Oskar Olsson is an artist and a product designer from southern Sweden who works in a varition of diciplines and materials from digital manufacturing to handmade ceramics. 

At Southern Sweden Design Says he exhibits vases and a variety of lamps.

Website: www.cargocollective.com/Olsson

Instagram: @olsson_official

Nämnden för hemslöjdsfrågor

In the spring of 2022 Andra formen applied for a grant at NFH that we then recieved. 

We want to thank NFH for making this project possible and helping us explore traditional craft in new materials and raise awareness to the environmental issues that electrical scootes bring. 

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